Feb 4, 2010

Variations on a Theme border rnds 2-5

Rnd 2: Join with sc in any corner, ch 3, sc in same corner, (ch 2, sc in next ch-1 sp) across to next corner, (sc, ch 3, sc) in corner; repeat from * around ending last repeat at first corner, join with sl st in first sc. Fasten off.

Rnd 3: Repeat rnd 1.

Rnd 4: Repeat rnd 2.

Rnd 5: Join with sc in second ch-sp before any corner, * (dc, ch 1, dc, ch 1, dc) in ch-sp before corner--shell made, shell in corner, shell in ch-sp after corner, (sc in next ch-sp, shell in next sp) across to corner, skipping one ch-sp if needed to make sure shell falls in ch-sp before corner; repeat from * around ending at first sc, join with sl st in first sc. Fasten off.

Next stop--complete afghan photos! :) :)


Kath said...

*Cheer* Will finish tomorrow and hopefully have weather for pics!

Mary Beth said...

Wonderful! I love it! Can't wait to get started! One more row of blocks to join - then away I'll go! Thank you, Carolyn!

Jelibe said...

Woot! Gonna start this in a mo!
I love the simple shell. Brings all the shell themes together :D

Barneys Girl said...

I just came across this blog and will be starting this project. The edging link for Square One isn't working. Is there another way to obtain the directions? Thanks!

Mary Beth said...

Got it done last night! Makes a gorgeous bed scarf on my queen sized bed! Thank you Carolyn! Now I can start one of the sweater patterns I bought from your website several months ago. For those of you who haven't finished yet - keep at it! This is a beautiful project. You'll get there!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for a great experience with this CAL. I've never done one before and this was a lot of fun! :) It turned out beautifully and now I'm just trying to decide whether to keep it for myself or gift it to someone! :) That's the hardest part of it all! Thanks, again!

judi-anne said...

I'm still way behind...beginning the edging on all my squares and rectangles now then going to try the flat braid join! I have really loved doing this CAL. Thanks, Carolyn. Would love to do a baby afghan, doll, or Christmas item for next CAL.

BarneysGirl: Look for edging directions for the squares between directions for squares 7 & 8 (I think).