Jan 27, 2010

Block Arrangements

There's one more thing I want to show you as you finalize arrangement of your blocks. I know some of you wanted to make an afghan larger than the normal afghan size, and I want to give you a couple of arrangements to accomplish that.
I've made some little square blocks for use in these arrangements -- for the square block, just start in the same manner as making the little rectangles, and stop when they're square. Edging all the way around is the same as the short size of the rectangle. So, in addition to making a little pillow cover, as I'm going to do with my small blocks, these little squares can go between ends of rectangles in the following arrangements. As you can see, the first arrangement is simply the addition of rectangles and the little squares all around our original layout. The second arrangement is more like a quilt-setting with sashing and corner blocks around each large square.
Measure carefully when planning your layout. My afghan, joined in the original arrangement and with about 2 1/2 inches width of border added all around, is about 50 x 70. The arrangements below will be larger.


I'll also use these little blocks to demonstrate three methods of joining I'd recommend in tomorrow's post.


patricia said...

Dear Carolyn
I have to say this so all the lovrly ladys that is doing CAL with me.Will know what i think about your hard and wonderful work you did for all of us crochet lovers. i want to say thanx from the bottom of my heart and also to tell you have meet some new friends that means you also carolyen, and each i time i get to talk to them it makes my day. because even the little things in life is totaley awesome.carolyen you are totaley awesome.this is to everyone that reads this note. take care, be happy and safe out there.
your friend

Kath said...

Gorgeous arrangement possibilities. I have to say that the original size is already really large enough for me, but to have these little squares and other possibilities are great for me if I ever do it again in fingering yarn for a baby etc, too.

Carolyn Christmas said...

Hi Patricia,
I completely agree with everything you are saying and you are very welcome. I did this CAL (and will continue doing them) to build community and to make a place where friends could meet and crochet together online. I've had a great time with it and am so so happy that you have made some new buds--this is the point if it all to me! Nothing is much fun if it can't be shared, right?

Carolyn Christmas said...

Kath I think these little squares would be pretty mixed with granny squares too.

Anonymous said...

Oh gees, I love all the arrangements! You have done a wonderful job with the blocks and placements and it's fun to know we will have something finished that looks awesome!

Mary Beth said...

This has been one of the most enjoyable experiences I've had in a long, long time. And the end project is going to be gorgeous! Thank you, Carolyn, for all your hard work! It is much appreciated. I'm sure there are many folks participating that are not as gabby as those of us that are posting! LOL! Can't wait to see what you have lined up for us next!

Dena said...

Am I just not seeing the pattern for the 4th rectangle?

Carolyn Christmas said...

Hi Dena, there's not a fourth rectangle pattern--I gave three, to make four of each. If you see some patterns in my little squares that are not the ones we made, it is because I experimented with some of the other stitch patterns when making them. Really on any of the patterns where you start with ch 32 you can start with ch 14 and go from there for a rectangle. Some are a little trickier than others to convert and I decided on us using the less tricky ones, but if you want to play with the other patterns, go for it! :) '
On the ones where you do something alternating with the shells-- the cables are a good example-- the beginning of the row is at the beginning of the CABLE on the even numbered rows, not the beginning of the shell. Does that make sense?

Kath said...

The little squares would be great for using up scraps all by themselves too.

Dena said...

Thanks Carolyn! Don't know why I had it in my head that there were going to be more rectangles! Put it down to being the mother of 3 teens! LOL