Jan 14, 2010

A peek at what's to come over the next couple of days

Ultimately, after all squares and rectangles are completed, for those of us working in colors, we'll lay the squares out in the arrangement I've devised, and join them with a flat braid join.
For those of you working in one color or limited colors, as well as those devil-may-care types among you who wish to start joining your scrappy squares and let the color arrangement evolve on its own, I'll soon be posting instructions and photos showing the final round of all squares and rectangles, which serves as the flat braid join, as well as the block arrangement.


BlueRoseLover said...

Really looking forward to seeing the final arrangement. This is my first CAL and I'm having a blast! Thank you, Carolyn.

Kath said...

So excited about learning the flat braid technique of joining. Ive wanted to learn it for years and just never took the time.

Anonymous said...

These afghans are going to look fantastic! I wanted to try the flat braid on my block-a-month CAL afghan, but thought I'd stick w/the basic sc since it was my first one.