Jan 14, 2010

Variations on a Theme Rectangle #1

And so we begin our rectangles. Our afghan is made with 18 large squares and 12 rectangles. All the large squares are different, but the rectangles consist of four each of three stitch patterns we have already used. I'll post the rectangle edging instructions in a separate post.

Rectangle #1 (make 4)
Note: This stitch pattern is the same as the stitch pattern for square #2.

Row 1: Ch 14, sc in second ch from hook, * skip next 2 ch, (dc, ch 1, dc, ch 1, dc) in next ch--shell made, skip next 2 ch, sc in next ch); repeat from *, turn.

Row 2: Ch 5 (counts as dc and ch 2), sc in center dc of first shell, ch 2, dc in next sc, ch 2, sc in center dc of next shell, ch 2, dc in next sc, turn.

Row 3: Ch 1, sc in first dc, (shell in next sc, sc in next dc) 2 times, turn.

Rows 4-16 or same number rows as square #2: Repeat rows 2-3, ending with row 2.

At end of last row, fasten off.


Anonymous said...

That is so cute!!

Sue said...

Any thoughts about colours - four the same or different or does it not matter either way? Thanks!

Carolyn Christmas said...

I'm doing all my colors different, Sue. The little rectangles will be mixed up and lined up in two rows of six, if that helps. I'll try to hurry up and get the drawing of the whole afghan posted because I can see people are needing it to plan their colors if they're not going totally random or using a single color.

Kath said...

Finished up the rectangles and their edging. These rectangles are fantastic. What a great alternative to granny squares all by themselves, too.

The Dixon Chick said...

I am so glad that you said four! I am using four colours: orchid, lilac, fern green and forest green. I also have a variegated yarn with all the same colours to use as a join and for a few extra outside rows once everything is joined.

Vaughnde said...

My blocks are Claret, Med Purple and Deep Violet. I'll have to think/find another color for the middle rectangles. I plan to have this afghan go on my bed which is a twin.